Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the quickest, most effective ways to transform your smile! If your smile has become dull over time, turn back the years of staining and discoloration with professional teeth whitening in Phoenixville, PA! We offer three types of teeth whitening, so that you can find the right method for brightening your smile. Not sure which method is right for you? Our team can help you determine the best way to give your smile a boost. Call our team today to get started.

ZOOM! In-Office Teeth Whitening

For a quick, dramatic whitening, ZOOM! whitening is completed in just one office visit! Whether you have a big event, vacation or are just ready for a boost, we’ve got you covered. ZOOM! whitening uses a bleaching agent that is applied to the teeth and a specialized lamp that speeds up the whitening process. You’ll leave our office with a noticeably whiter smile and a boost of confidence. 

GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening

GLO technology is a new way to whiten! Using a comfortable heat and light along with a special mouthpiece, GLO Whitening uses whitening gel to provide professional results. GLO Whitening causes little to no sensitivity and uses a dual process to provide incredible results. With GLO Whitening, you can maintain a beautiful smile from the comfort of home!

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Take-home whitening trays are another way to brighten your smile! Custom whitening trays are designed to fit comfortably and securely. In around 10 days, you’ll see a brighter smile! Whitening trays combined with bleaching gel are easy to use and provide consistent results. 

Attention You Deserve

With teeth whitening, you can achieve a better, more beautiful smile! At Kessler Dental Associates, we’ve been around for long enough to realize the difference a bright smile can make. For over 50 years, we’ve provided quality care including professional teeth whitening. We’ve had the privilege of seeing many patients enjoy the benefits of a whiter smile, and we invite you to experience the confidence you’ll get from brightening your smile too!

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