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Sleep apnea is a condition in which patients experience reduced airflow upon falling asleep; this is most commonly due to relaxed soft tissues in the mouth blocking the airway. Sleep apnea can be dangerous, as it prevents sufferers from receiving an adequate amount of rest each night, leading to slower brain function, reduced reaction speeds, and diminishing health. The good news is, it’s easily treatable! 

With our FREE consultation in Phoenixville, PA, we will meet with you to determine whether or not you suffer from this condition. We will answer your questions and conduct a complete analysis of your sleep behavior. With this information, we can design a treatment appliance that works for you, allowing you to sleep better and feel rejuvenated.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects one’s quality of rest when going to sleep at night. The condition causes patients to repeatedly start and stop sleeping throughout the night; this occurs as they continuously need to readjust and get oxygen. Sleep apnea can be caused by an obstruction in the airway, usually by tissues in the mouth or throat. It can also occur due to the brain failing to send signals that control breathing while sleeping. In rare cases, patients may be struggling from both of these factors.

Schedule your Complimentary Sleep Apnea Consultation Today!* *New Patients Only

Treatments For Sleep Apnea

Many people are shocked to recognize that this condition can be treated at a dentist’s office. Upon realizing that the patient is suffering from sleep apnea, many options are available to treat the condition and obtain sufficient rest. This may include one of the following:

An oral appliance helps patients to open their airways while they are sleeping, allowing them to continue getting air after their muscles have relaxed.

A tongue retainer is a plastic device that stabilizes the tongue so that it does not obstruct the airway after the patient falls asleep.

This device works by shifting the jaw and tongue forward while sleeping. In turn, this can open up the airway, allowing more oxygen to flow to the lungs.

Schedule your Complimentary Sleep Apnea Consultation Today!* *New Patients Only

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Patients often aren’t even aware of having sleep apnea, but are able to recognize certain symptoms indicative of the condition. A common symptom is extreme fatigue, regardless of how early one goes to bed or how late they wake up. This may be accompanied by irritability, mood swings, or episodes of depression. These patients may also experience a sore throat, headaches, or dizziness upon waking up. Further symptoms include the following:

Schedule your Complimentary Sleep Apnea Consultation Today!* *New Patients Only

Is Treatment Right For You?

If you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above or are struggling to function mentally and physically due to a lack of sleep, we encourage you to contact our office for further guidance. Sleep apnea can potentially be a dangerous condition but is easily treatable under the direction of your doctor. Do you need treatment for sleep apnea?

Schedule your Complimentary Sleep Apnea Consultation Today!* *New Patients Only

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Left untreated, sleep apnea can continue to wreak havoc on your life, leading to more stress and frustration. Don’t suffer alone. Give us a call today; we will take care of you!


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