Advanced Technology

At Kessler Dental, we believe in providing state-of-the-art technology for addressing all of your dental needs. We use proven modern technology to diagnose and treat your smile. This technology helps speed up your dental appointment and makes each visit much more convenient. We offer everything from dental x-rays to flat-screen TV’s, so that each visit can be the best!


Our CEREC technology allows our team to design, fabricate and place a ceramic restoration during just one appointment! Before you leave our office, you could have a fully restored smile. CEREC technology not only saves time, but also preserves more of a patient’s healthy tooth structure. CEREC restorations remove the need for a temporary crown and provide durable, metal-free solutions for restoring smiles. 

Digital X-Rays 

Reducing exposure to radiation by 90 percent, digital x-rays provide a more convenient, safer way to take a closer look at your smile. Digital x-rays are completed in just 30 seconds through a wireless sensor that comfortably fits in the mouth. Once x-rays have been taken, images can be clearly seen on a computer, enlarged for accurate diagnosis and stored for future use.


The DIAGNOdent Laser Caries Detector helps us detect the smallest signs of dental cavities. With this information, our team can better help protect and strengthen your natural teeth. Early detection can go a long way in preserving your smile!

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays capture an entire 2D image of your smile. This image includes your jaw bone, nasal area and more. Panoramic x-rays are often taken during an initial visit to provide your dentist with valuable information concerning your smile. From these x-rays, impacted teeth, teeth grinding and other problems can be identified and properly addressed. 

Intra-Oral Cameras

An intra-oral camera looks much like an oversized pen and gives your dentist and you a closer look at areas in your mouth that cannot be seen with other methods such as digital x-rays. This device can help your dentist detect small cracks in the teeth and other dental issues that may otherwise be overlooked. 

Flat-Screen Televisions

We are pleased to offer flat-screen televisions for our patients’ enjoyment. These flat-screen televisions can be used to distract patients during their dental care or display images such as x-rays as their doctor explains dental concerns. 

Carivu® Caries Detection

Our office uses Carivu to detect the presence of cavities, even in their earliest stages of development. The device uses transillumination to highlight areas of weakened enamel and porous lesions, making it easy for our dentist to examine the integrity of each tooth.

iTero® Digital Scanner

Through the use of our iTero digital scanner, we are able to create three-dimensional digital impressions of our patients’ individual teeth or their entire smile. iTero can be used to make crowns, bridges, or clear aligners that can be used as part of an Invisalign treatment.

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