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Comfortable Design

Invisalign clear aligners are built from a smooth plastic that securely fits over your teeth without leading to irritation of your gums or cheeks. Aligners are custom-created just to fit you and gently shift your teeth into position with each new aligner.

Discreet Appearance

Built from clear plastic, Invisalign is generally difficult to detect with the unaided eye. Most often, the aligners are completely unnoticeable to others! The appealing transparency of the orthodontic treatment allows you to smile in confidence while straightening your teeth.

Beautiful Results

Invisalign is proven effective, with many patients making it their first choice for orthodontic treatment. By progressing through each new aligner by the guidance of your treatment plan, you can have a beautiful new smile in no time!

Why Choose Invisalign®?

The Invisalign system offers a revolutionary approach to straightening your smile! At Kessler Dental Associates, we are on a mission to provide dental treatments through the most comfortable and convenient services and appliances. Join us at our practice to discreetly correct crooked teeth with a system you’ll be excited about! Call today to schedule your free consultation!

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