How To Get Your Wedding-Perfect Smile
How To Get Your Wedding-Perfect Smile
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How To Get Your Wedding-Perfect Smile

How To Get Your Wedding-Perfect Smile

How To Get Your Wedding-Perfect Smile

You’ve set the date, reserved the place, chosen your entertainment. You’ve picked your wedding photographer, and imagined your gorgeous wedding photos. But, wait. Don’t forget the most important aspect of those memorable photos – your radiant, sparkling smile!

As a dentist, I love wedding season. Working with brides and grooms to get their smiles wedding-day ready is a perk of my profession! Here are some of the questions I’m asked most frequently.

When should I talk to my dentist about my wedding day smile goals?

It’s never too early. I recommend scheduling a consult as soon as possible after your engagement so that you can be sure you have enough time to achieve the results you’re dreaming of for your wedding day. For many, teeth whitening will do the trick, which explains why our Bridal Party Smile Parties are so popular. Still, other brides and grooms want to fix teeth crowding, broken teeth or other things about their smiles that have bothered them for years. Whatever your goals, choose a dentist you trust to create a plan that addresses your desired outcome, timeframe and budget.

What is the difference between in-office and at-home professional teeth whitening?

Our most common pre-wedding dental request is for professional teeth whitening. We work with our brides and grooms to choose the option that’s right for them; based on their timeframe, budget, and lifestyle.

Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening

For brides and grooms looking for same-day results, a one-time in-office procedure like GloScience Professional Teeth Whitening is a terrific option. In-office professional whitening procedures provide excellent immediate results in a single office visit, and both include a take-home kit for enhancing and prolonging your whitening results. I recommend to my brides and grooms that they schedule in-office whitening at least 48 hours prior to their wedding day in case of possible mild sensitivity. You can also schedule a Bridal Party Teeth Whitening event and enjoy a fun night out before your special day!

Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening Trays

If you have a little more time leading up to your special day, another excellent professional teeth whitening option is custom whitening trays. In one short office appointment, your dentist fits you for custom whitening trays. Once you have your trays (within a week or so,) just add the dentist-provided peroxide gel and wear them for a few hours or overnight. One nice advantage to custom trays is that you can use them to repeatedly whiten your teeth down the road.

Do over-the-counter whitening products work?

Because over-the-counter whitening products generally act on teeth extrinsically, they are neither as effective nor as safe as professional teeth whitening treatments. Dentists offer the quickest, most reliable, safe, and prolonged teeth whitening options. For prolonging professional whitening results, specific over-the-counter products like Rembrandt Intense Stain or Opalescence Whitening are effective.

What if I want to do more than just whiten my teeth?


How To Get Your Wedding-Perfect SmileIf teeth crowding, misalignment and gaps in your smile are bothering you, Invisalign clear aligners may be the best route to improving or even completely altering your smile before your nuptials. A typical Invisalign Treatment can take around 12 months to complete. The speed in which optimum results are achieved depends on your dedication to wearing the clear trays 20 to 22 hours a day and how easily your teeth move. You may be thinking, “Oh well, it’s only a few months until my wedding – why bother?” Know that you will notice changes in your smile very soon after beginning your Invisalign treatment. Aren’t straighter teeth on your wedding day preferable to misaligned teeth forever?


Another popular cosmetic dental procedure among our brides and grooms, because it can transform a smile in just a couple appointments, is veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain facings that are bonded to your teeth. What people love about veneers is that they not only eliminate discoloration, but mask teeth crowding and unify teeth shapes at the same time.


For those patients who have gaps in their teeth, dental implants may be the procedure you are looking for. Utilizing the most advanced technology, dentists surgically place dental implants to fill the gaps in your mouth. Just like clear braces, dental implants require planning and sufficient time; underscoring the importance of consulting a dentist whom you trust as early as possible before your special day.

Are there foods or beverages that darken teeth?

Limiting coffee, red wine, tea, soda, lemons, balsamic vinegar, dark berries, and tomato sauce can help maintain your pearly whites, particularly in the weeks before your wedding and following any professional whitening procedure. And, of course, brushing and flossing at least two times a day will go a long way toward keeping your smile bright and your breath fresh for that all important day!


How To Get Your Wedding-Perfect Smile

Congratulations! Schedule your complimentary wedding day smile consultation today at 610-933-3342. Be sure to ask about our Bridal Party Teeth Whitening Specials!


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